• Vinyl Trench


    How tell you… This shooting is by far the most memorable which I was able to make until now.

    There was a so strong storm on Paris today, which I sometimes believed that I was going to fly away for real!!

    I put you a small photo Bonus at the end to illustrate you that there was 90 % of time lol.

    I wear a trench coat and a cap in vinyl from Asos (yes I do not stop any more with the vinyl I know).

    My boots ego that I took a size above because they cut really small.

    The white shirt and the belt come from a former(old) collection Zara.

    I put you below a link of a similar which I adore, I am going to go to take her(it)!

    Otherwise I hope that you are well and that you like the contents of the blog:)







    DETAILS : 


    Trench pris en 36

    Jean pris en 36

    Boots prisent en 40











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