• Casual look


    I took advantage of a few days or the temperature a little went back up to shoot you this look.

    I am absolutely a FAN of these shoes whom I found at Mango, I knew that I was not really going to be able to wear them in winter, but I find them perfect for halfs seasons with an a mom jeans and a big pullover or a T-shirt and a blazer for example.

    For this look, I chose these vinyl pants which I adore, it is one of my favorite at this moment.

    It is really too comfortable, he serves me in the daytime when I want to put on a jogging!

    Otherwise, I see that we are more and more numerous in particular on Instagram and ca is really warm to me in the heart thank you very much!

    Do not hesitate to speak your mind me of this look.

    I kiss you.








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